Amazing Hair Tape Extensions 20" #17/27
  • Amazing Hair Tape Extensions 20" #17/27

Amazing Hair Tape Extensions 20" #17/27


  • - Brand: Amazing Hair
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Amazing Hair Tape Extensions 20" #17/27.

Ombre (pronounced AHM-bra) means shades or shadow in French, but when referring to fashion or hair trends it simply implies a ‘gradient”, a graduation of a colour from light to dark, or vice-versa.

Applied in salon, the client can create an overall full-head balayage look or smaller sectioned highlights for a more subtle finish, achieving the on trend look instantly without permanent colour commitment.

Simple to apply and extremely natural looking, our Premium Ombre Tape Extensions are designed to be consistently silky smooth making them ideal for repeat clientele.


  • Instant Ombre effect fashion colour finish without permanent colour commitment
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • 30 minutes application – full head
  • 20 inch lengths
  • 1 year lifespan – with correct application and care
  • Re-apply every 5-6 weeks

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