Afro Mebco Comb Large

Mebco Afro Comb LargeAssorted Colours Available ..

Afro Mebco Comb Small

Mebco Afro Comb SmallAssorted Colours Available ..

Disposable Processing Cap Pkt 100

Disposable Processing Cap Pkt 100..

Hair FX Flexible Roller Pkt 18

Hair FX Flexible Roller Pkt 18.Easily create ringlet or corkscrew curls.Soft, flexible rollers desig..

Neck Tray

Perm Soft Sink, May differ from photograph...

Perm Papers Jumbo  Perforated Pkt 1000

Perforated Jumbo Perms Papers..

Perm Papers Jumbo Pkt 1000

Jumbo Perm Papers Pkt 1000..

Perm Rod ORANGE Pkt 12

Perm Rod ORANGE Pkt 12..

Perm Rod SHORT YELLOW / RED Pkt 12

Perm Rod SHORT YELLOW / RED Pkt 12..

Perm Rods BLACK Pkt 12

Perm Rods BLACK Pkt 12..

Perm Rods BLUE Pkt 12

Perm Rods BLUE Pkt 12..

Perm Rods GREEN Pkt 12

Perm Rods GREEN Pkt 12..

Perm Rods GREY Pkt 12

Perm Rods GREY..

Perm Rods PINK Pkt 12

Perm Rods PINK Pkt 12..

Perm Rods RED Pkt 12

Perm Rods RED..

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