Beauty Bed Hydraulic - Stephanie

Beauty Bed Hydraulic - StephanieAvailable in Black or White Upholstery...

Beauty Bed Portable

Joy Portable Beauty Bed.Black Upholstery only, Hard Wood Frame hold up to 120kg..

Blades Pedicure Corn Merkur Pkt 100

Blades Pedicure Corn Merkur Pkt 100 ..

Clamp - Soak Off Pkt 10

Clamp Soak Off Pkt 10 ..

Corn Cutter - Orange

Corn Cutter - Orange..

Crinkle Caps Pkt 100

Crinkle Caps Pkt 100..

Cuticle Nipper

Cuticle Nipper..

Dapen Dish - Crystal

Dapen Dish - Crystal..

Diamanties in Dispenser Wheel

Diamanties in Dispenser Wheel..

Expandable Mini Towelet Pkt 500

Biodegradable Expandable Mini Towelette Pkt 500..

Eyelash /Eyebrow Tint Bowl

Single Glass Mixing DishSingle Unit ..

Eyelash Lifting Kit - Silky Rolls

Eyelash Lifting Kit - Silky Rolls..

Eyelash Twin Mixing Dish - Crystal

Eyelash Twin Mixing Dish - Crystal..

Facial Mask - Expandable Pkt 500

Facial Mask - Expandable Pkt 500..

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