Cape Wahl 5 Star Barber

Wahl Cape 5 Star Barber..

Cape Wahl African Kiddies

 Wahl Cape African Kiddies..

Cape Wahl Barber Light Grey

Wahl Cape Barber Light Grey..

Cape Wahl Chemical Resistant  #3020

Wahl Cape Chemical Resistant  #3020..

Cape Wahl Grey Kids Barber

Wahl Cape Grey Kids Barber..

Cape Wahl Hair Cutting #3004

Wahl Cape Hair Cutting #3004Microfibre MaterialWater ResistantSnap Closure 135 x 150cm..

Cape Wahl Leopard Skin Cutting #3104

Wahl Cape Leopard Skin Cutting #3104.NB Product may vary to image..

Cape Wahl Polyester Black #3012

Wahl Cape Polyester Black #3012.Please quote your preferred Colour otherwise Black will be ShippedAv..

Cape Wahl Polyester Jumbo Black Barber Cape

Wahl Cape Polyester Jumbo Black Barber Cape..

Cape Wahl Polyester Pacific Blue # 3012

Wahl Cape Polyester Pacific Blue # 3012..

Cape Wahl Polyester Purple # 3012

Wahl Cape Polyester Purple # 3012..

Frogmouth Bag Purple

Frogmouth Bag Purple..

Razor Wahl Folding - Black

Wahl Folding Hair Razor Black..

Razor Wahl Folding - White

Wahl Folding Hair Razor White..

Razor Wahl Wood Grain Handle with Comb

 Wahl Barber Razor Wood Grain Handle..

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