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Wahl 12mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment

Wahl 12mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment..

Wahl 18mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment

Wahl 18mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment..

Wahl 25mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment

Wahl 25mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment..

Wahl 3mm Bell /Super Clipper Attachment

Wahl 3mm Bell /Super Clipper Attachment..

Wahl 5 Star Half/Half Barber Boar Bristle Brush

Wahl 5 Star Half/Half Barber Boar Bristle BrushA combination of nylon and boar bristles simulate the..

Wahl 6000 Filter Cover + Mesh

6000 Filter Cover + Mesh..

Wahl 6mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment

Wahl 6mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment..

Wahl 8900 Trimmer Battery

Wahl 8900 Trimmer Battery..

Wahl 9mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment

Wahl 9mm Bell/Super Clipper Attachment..

Wahl Barber Canvas Apron

Wahl Barber Canvas Apron.NB: Does not include Accessories..

Wahl Barber Knuckle Brush

Wahl Barber Knuckle BrushSoft but frim bristles remove loose hair in between clippers passes. The lo..

Wahl Barber Razor Stainless Steel Handle

 Wahl Barber Razor Stainless Steel Handle..

Wahl Barber Razor Wood Grain Handle

 Wahl Barber Razor Wood Grain Handle..

Wahl Barber Round Brush

Wahl Barber Round BrushLightweight, the round Brush is ideal for shaping and styling, it builds body..

Wahl Barber Tool Mat

Wahl Barber Tool Mat..

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